Greenways Matter

Greenways are economically beneficial. They improve quality of life for residents, attract tourists, and can be deciding factors when people consider moving.

Greenways also serve as safe routes for people to commute to work, school, grocery stores, locally owned businesses, and many other destinations.

Many people choose to commute by foot, bicycle, etc. instead of driving because these. tend to be less expensive forms of transportation than owning and operating a car.

Greenways also provide physical and emotional health benefits by providing people with space to exercise and a way to connect with nature.

Join our Community

Join our growing community of organizations and individuals standing up for our local greenways! TriFROG is a joint effort to persuade those in power to prioritize improving the condition of our greenways. By working collaboratively, we leverage each member’s strengths, working in partnership to bring about positive change with one unified voice.

Become a member organization or individual for free. Invest as much or as little time as your schedule permits.

Major Concerns

Root damage, cracked pavement, bridges without railing after sharp curves, broken planks along bridges, and standing water are a few ongoing issues that need repair. These are serious safety hazards that need t be addressed.

Directional Signs
Many sections of our greenways are difficult to navigate because there are not signs where we need them. In addition, those that are there, are often hard to see.

There are gaps in between segments of our greenways that need to be completed. People who travel on our greenways have to travel on busy public streets to go from one segment to the next.

Accessibility for the Elderly, Young Children, and Disabled
Our greenways have sharp inclines, stairs without alternatives, and maintenance issues that make travelling difficult, if not impossible, for many.

Stay current on what the coalition is doing and for opportunities to get in involved.

Some Current Conditions

Cracked Trails

Cracked Trails

Missing planks and gaps

Missing planks and gaps

Hazardous Shoulders

Hazardous Shoulders

Greenway News

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