The Bicentennial Greenway needs several repairs and improvements to make it safe for
bicyclists to use. Excessive root damage, cracked pavement, bridges without railings following
sharp curves, and standing water are a few of the safety hazards that members of TRIFROG have documented.

There are many reasons to invest in greenway maintenance. For one, a repaired greenway will be economically beneficial. Greenways improve quality of life for residents, attract tourists, and can be deciding factors when people consider moving to a county. People need space to exercise. We need fresh air and sunlight.

Greenways also serve as safe routes for people to commute to work, school, grocery stores, etc. Owning and maintaining a car is expensive and commuting by alternative modes of transportation a common theme for people faced with economic hardship.
Perhaps most importantly, without repair there is a risk that a greenway user(s) will be seriously injured or suffer a fatality. We therefore urge the GuilfordCounty Board of Commissioners to increase the annual county maintenance budget allocated to Guilford Parks so that these safety hazards are fixed without delay.
Regional greenways are what so many localities want right now and this one is near completion! We are fortunate that Guilford County had foresight enough to construct much of the Bicentennial in the 1990s. The Guilford County Board of Commissioners needs to allocate adequate funding for maintenance so the county parks department can take care of it. Guilford County can then show it off with pride without fear of anyone getting needlessly hurt on a greenway in disrepair.

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